Feline Snoozers cat towers, keeping cats clean, healthy and happy. The fun way for cats to climb, play and snooze in comfort.

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Feline Snoozers are long lasting!
Whether you are an animal shelter, humane society or animal sanctuary we know cleanliness is top prority. With Feline Snoozers original PVC cat towers, we nailed it! Under normal use your Feline Snoozer cat tower will last a lifetime. AND... Feline Snoozer towers can be used outside. The fabric we use on the cat beds is the very same fabric outdoor furniture is made with. Our cat towers can withstand all the outdoor elements.
Watch Feline Snoozers in Action!
No More Carpet!
Shelters and humane societies are now starting to have restrictions against carpeted towers because of the spread of diseases, PVC is the perfect solution. Spray down the whole tower, beds included, with a disinfectant, wipe dry and your Feline Snoozers tower is ready once again for your feline friends.