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20 custom towers

20 custom towers

This custom tower was created for a Shelter in Texas. They use 20 of these towers.


Mini Stacker Tower

This mini stacker was in addition to some towers that a shelter ordered. They wanted something lower to the ground for the few senior cats they have.


Feline Snoozers cat towers

Cheryl designed her own tower and outfitted it with a scratcher, cubbies and pads for all the beds.

"I absolutely love my new cat tower. It's purrfect! The cats have been exploring all the different levels and are quite content with it. The shy ones have taken immediately to the cozy cubbies. There's already been a little spit up on the cushions, it wiped up so nicely, however. I'm very glad that they are so washable. Some of the cats try to "sharpen" their claws on the cushions but luckily the cloth hasn't been torn. When I clean the floor, it is so much easier to move the tower than the old carpeted trees. The room also smells much better, and my asthmatic cat is doing better since there is a lot less loose fur and dirt flying around. Thank you so much for a great product and your help in accomodating my special requests. I am so pleased.""

Cheryl McCoy,
Chino Hills, CA


Feline Snoozers cat towersFeline Snoozers cat towers

For our shelter, Feline Snoozer towers are a huge time and energy saver! The cats took to them instantly. There is even enough room on one bed for 2 cats to snuggle together. They are extremely easy to clean and effortless to move. With over 100 cats and 70+ beds in use, not one has been damaged. This is a fantastic product.

Animal Rescue of Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland


Feline Snoozers cat towers

Our Feline Snoozers cat tower is a favorite outdoor sunning and jumping place. The cats shift during the day conforming to some internal pattern that we have yet been able to penetrate or discern. The crow's nest is frequently occupied by our Russian Blue, often joined by one of the Abyssinians.

The tower was a great buy. It was very easy to put together. It is utterly weather-proof and generally indestructible. There is nothing to rot, fade or generally disintegrate. The snoozers are thoroughly enjoyed by all and it has yet to show any sign of wear. It's simple to clean with a good hosing (even here in mold-prone Miami). It requires no other attention or maintenance.

In my next life I am going to have one of these again.


Lynn & David Squillacote
Miami, FL

When my husband and I decided to build a new home, we opted for an indoor/outdoor enclosure for our 6 cats. I found Feline Snoozers on the internet and like the durability, the look, the flexibility and the value of the product. After a few design sessions with Nancy via email, the finished product was decided. I assembled the 12 foot tower myself. We had it installed in the outdoor portion of the cat room and the cats just love it. They vary where they snooze depending on the time of day and temperature. The tower cleans easily and has survived baking in the Arizona sun. The entire process was professional, the tower was delivered on time and the customer support was great.

Lucy Lancaster
Gold Canyon, AZ


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