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Dish/Scratcher Combo

Dish/Scratcher Combo

Add these needed cat scratchers to your room of Feline Snoozer towers. Each of the three cat scratching posts are 24” high with thick 1” sisal rope. The two comfy dishes are the same dishes we use on our cat towers and wall units. 18” in diameter with matching pads. Pick from either blue or green or have one of each color. Please note: there is a $25.00 shipping charge with this item.

Dish/Scratcher Combo $145.00
Size: Total size is 31” x 31”


Bed/Dish 1
Bed/Dish 2

Donate a Dish/Scratcher Combo to your favorite shelter.
While we work on our shelter listings please put in the comment box
(at the end of your order)the shelter you would like to donate to so we can
add a donated by postcard in with the order.  We apologize for any inconvenience.