Custom Work

Designed just for Your Space!

Looking for cat structures specially suited to your space? We do custom work! Big or small, let us know your requirements and we’ll build the tower of your cat’s dreams by including dishes, beds, hammocks, scratchers and cubbies. Check out some examples of Feline Snoozers custom cat structure work below…

Friends of Felines Rescue Center

“The volunteers of Friends of Felines Rescue Center LOVE their Feline Snoozers. Over the past 2 years, we’ve converted to no carpet items. What a difference it makes in cleanliness! These are so very easy to clean. The cats love them. Comfy places to sleep and great fun to play on. The oldsters even can climb to the top. We attached rollers to the bottoms to make them extra easy to move. We love them.”

A Client in Texas

This custom tower was created for a Shelter in Texas. They use 20 of these towers.

Cheryl McCoy, Chino Hills, CA

Cheryl designed her own tower and outfitted it with a scratcher, cubbies and pads for all the beds.

“I absolutely love my new cat tower. It’s purrfect! The cats have been exploring all the different levels and are quite content with it. The shy ones have taken immediately to the cozy cubbies. There’s already been a little spit up on the cushions, it wiped up so nicely, however. I’m very glad that they are so washable. Some of the cats try to “sharpen” their claws on the cushions but luckily the cloth hasn’t been torn. When I clean the floor, it is so much easier to move the tower than the old carpeted trees. The room also smells much better, and my asthmatic cat is doing better since there is a lot less loose fur and dirt flying around. Thank you so much for a great product and your help in accomodating my special requests. I am so pleased.”

Small Miracles Cat Rescue

“ We have our new tower in our foster room that has been converted for our foster kittens. We have a litter of 8 males right now and they immediately started climbing on the tower. They love it and we are very pleased too! We are looking forward to having something so easy to keep clean. The cushions are great, I can already tell the indoor/outdoor type material will last a long time. Thanks for creating this great idea for a tower. I will be sure to share the information about it with fellow volunteers at Small Miracles Cat Rescue. “