Featured Shelter

At Feline Snoozers, we would like to recognize organizations that take care of felines and other animal friends.

Sanctuaries, humane societies and shelters across the world are out there helping take care of cats and dogs without forever homes (yet!). We’d like to share a little bit about these organizations with all our customers. Each month we will highlight an organization that cares for felines. Please help support these wonderful organizations!

Northwoods Humane Society Logo

Northwoods Humane Society

The vision of Northwoods Humane Society is a community with no more homeless or neglected companion animals.


  • Provide quality care and adoption services for companion animals in Chisago County and the surrounding area.
  • Educate the community regarding the humane treatment of animals and promoting the welfare of animals.
  • Demonstrate excellence in care and shelter of animals.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership with special emphasis on spaying and neutering.
  • Advocate public policies that promote compassionate treatment of all animals.
  • Aid in prevention of and provide referrals for prosecuting cruelty to animals.
  • Foster positive human-animal bonds

We strive to improve the lives of homeless animals by providing compassionate care until permanent loving homes can be found. We promote responsible adoptions and offer post-adoption support for the human-animal relationship.

Check out this fun feature!

A happy go lucky sailor dog. Jack lives aboard a 28′ sailboat Named Angelsea, Follow his adventures on the boat with his humans. 


Dogs in Prison - Programs for Prisoners

An article from the The Human-Animal Connection

Inmates who train shelter dogs or puppies to become service dogs — get even more benefits than the dogs whose lives they save. Shelter dogs with behavior problems (including shyness!) may be euthanized in some shelters. But with a few months of training, they can become loving, obedient, and ready for a permanent home!

There are approximately 159 Canine programs in prisons in 36 states (in the US). When 61 prison supervisors were surveyed about their satisfaction with the programs, 60 said they would recommend this program to other prisons. They teach an invaluable lesson that no matter how much you have suffered in the past, you can still heal. Even dogs who have been traumatized can heal, and it is the same for the inmates who work with them.

Home For Life

Home For Life is an animal sanctuary. As a care-for-life sanctuary, Home for Life® is uniquely positioned to help some of the most vulnerable dogs and cats from around the world. Responsive to both local animals in need as well as international rescue cases, Home for Life® is able to care for cats and dogs who are out of options, providing a service like no other organization.

The Third Door®” in animal welfare which gives at-risk dogs and cats,  animals who might have been passed over for adoption, an alternative to an undeserved death. The dream of a home should be an opportunity that is available for all dogs and cats, and now with Home for Life®, and the innovative model we have created at our prototype sanctuary in Star Prairie, WI, it can be!

Merck Animal Health

Merck Animal Health core values are driven by a desire to be visionary in our thinking, and ever-ready to respond to our dynamic industry.

By collaborating closely with each other and our customers, we build strong partnerships in an effort to improve the health of animals around the world. We approach our work every day with a deep sense of responsibility – to our customers, consumers, animals, society and the planet.

Coco's Heart Dog Rescue

A double feature this month… Coco’s Heart Rescue and Soldier’s 6 Service Canines. Coco’s Heart is a supporting partner to Soldier’s 6, a 501(c)3 non-profit  organization providing. K9’s to the honorably discharged, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, correctional officers and 911 dispatchers.

Take a look at this story about this partnership in the news lately:

Copper's Cat Commune

Copper’s Cat Commune is a nonprofit cat sanctuary dedicated to the lifetime care of a limited population of ill, disabled, or otherwise adoption challenged cats, the adoption of as many of those cats as can be reasonably done, as well as the promotion of TNR programs and feline behavioral therapy.


Saving Lives Since 1866
The ASPCA® is proud of our long, storied history of progress and
innovation in the fight against animal cruelty. From medical
developments to field rescues to pioneering partnerships, here’s a look
at some of the successes we—and our millions of supporters over the
years—have achieved on behalf of abused, abandoned and neglected

Lake Humane Society


The ‘Reach & Teach’ Humane Education Program is a fun and engaging way to teach Kindergarten through sixth-grade students the positive and powerful message of what it really means to be a responsible pet owner.

The program includes eight units designed to be presented in 45 to 60-minute sessions. Reach & Teach covers being a responsible pet owner, how to stop pet overpopulation, how to have a healthy and safe pet, providing for a pet their whole life, animal advocacy, careers working with animals.  The class utilizes lecture, games, and activities. Each unit focuses on the development of different character traits and includes a student “I Can” statements.

Visit the Youth Education page and read more about the “Reach & Teach” program.

Pennsylvania SPCA

Pennsylvania SPCA

From Rescue & Rehabilitation to Forever Families
Humane Law Enforcement (HLE)
Treating and Rehabilitating the Victims of Cruelty
Bringing Abusers to Justice
Preventing Cruelty

Kentucky Humane Society graphic

Kentucky Humane Society

Shelters are not always about dogs and cats.

The Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), located in Louisville, KY, is a private, nonprofit organization that is Kentucky’s largest pet adoption agency. KHS is also the state’s oldest animal welfare organization, founded in 1884.

Humane Animal Care Coalition

Over 12 years ago we began a long-term commitment, We found a shelter in need of changes to increase adoptions, provide a better quality of life for the animals, and most of all, help to solve the animal overpopulation problems.
Our mission is to reduce the number of unwanted animals coming into the shelter by focusing on spaying and neutering.
We began offering free spay and neuter to the citizens in our area beginning in May 1998. As demands for our free services increased, we opened our own clinic at the shelter on July 27 2000 at no cost to the taxpayers.
This 100% privately funded clinic has now spayed 11,370 family-owned animals in the community (Upper Keys). As a direct result of this free program, we have seen a 53% reduction in the total number of animals coming into the shelter from the all-time high of 1,642. 

JJs Helping Paws

We are a non-profit (501(c)(3), all-volunteer-powered, charitable organization whose mission is to improve the lives of cats and dogs in Fremont County by working to reduce unwanted litters, educating pet owners about responsible pet ownership, and helping mitigate the cost of spay and neuter services.

JJ’s is absolutely elated to share some BIG news! A building has been donated to us to start a cat shelter in Cañon City! It will be called Molly’s Place – Home of JJ’s Helping Paws and it will serve as a shelter for owner-surrendered cats (last year we fostered nearly 500 owner-surrendered cats – at no cost to the cat owner!!!); our low cost spay and neuter voucher sales; our feral food pantry; and our TNR program.   

Can you please help us?  JJ’s is so grateful for your support. 

Voorhees Animal Orphanage

Located in Voorhees, NJ

Voorhees Animal Orphanage is honored to be participating in the Camden County Animal Alliance “Pets for Vets*” program! Through this program, the adoption fee for adult (6 months of age or older), and senior animals will be waived. We hope this will help those who have served our country find a furry friend. We are grateful for all those in the armed services, and we know cats and dogs looking for a home will be grateful for their strength and support too, and especially their love!

Animal Ark

Located in Hastings, MN

Animals love unconditionally. Their love and devotion know no geographic boundaries. Neither does Animal Ark. We believe that an animal in need is exactly that, an animal in need, regardless of its geographic place of origin.

That is why we have partnered up with rescue organizations located as far as the Middle East & Mexico as well as across this country, south as Texas and north as the Dakotas. We feel honored that these rescue organizations entrust us with their beloved animals and place their hope in us to find them a safe and loving forever home.

Featured Shelter - ORCAT


ORCAT is Ocean Reef’s Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program for cats. In the late 1980s, Ocean Reef had a serious cat overpopulation problem. There were approximately 2000 cats on our island’s four square miles. In 1993, Ocean Reef resident, Alan Litman, with the cooperation of the Ocean Reef Community Association, founded and launched ORCAT. With funding and help from generous volunteers, the TNR project developed into an extremely successful operation.

Today, ORCAT is recognized as a model TNR program throughout the country. The ORCAT population is now around 350, about 100 of which reside at the Grayvik Animal Care Center.

The Cat House on Kings Logo

The Cat House on Kings

The Cat House on the Kings is California’s largest no-cage, no-kill,
lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center. Our mission is to place
rescued cats and kittens into loving, permanent homes; to provide a
safe, happy and healthy home for unwanted cats and kittens in a unique,
no-cage facility; to prevent pet overpopulation through spaying and
neutering; and to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

The Cat House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, receives no
government or public funding, and relies entirely on donations from the
public to carry out its mission. Since its founding 28 years ago, The Cat House on the Kings has saved over 30,000 cats and 7,100 dogs (not counting the 56,000 animals we have spayed and neutered!) and currently cares for more than 700 cats and kittens, a dozen or so dogs and dozens of peacocks.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando Logo

Pet Alliance

More than 6,000 homeless dogs and cats will turn to the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando for caring, compassion and hope through our animal shelters this year. Pet Alliance provides food, medical care and shelter for dogs and cats until they find their new homes. The average length of stay for dogs is 8 days and for cats is 15 days. Pet Alliance’s live release rate averages around 96%, making it what is considered a “no kill” shelter.

Feline Snoozers Featured Shelter - Home for Life

Home for Life

Home for Life® is a registered 501 (c) (3) charity. Supporting this non-profit provides the animals of Home for Life® with food, veterinary care, toys and a beautiful facility to roam freely. 100% of donations go to helping these animals receive the medical care they need, as well as the affection and freedom to help them recover from illness, disability, mistreatment or neglect. Because of Home for Life, these incredible animals can lead the full, safe and happy lives they deserve.  To learn more about Home for Life, check out their link below.

Feline Snoozers Featured Shelter Dumb Friends League

Dumb Friends League

Working with a compassionate community, their mission is to end pet homelessness and animal suffering. Founded in 1910, the Dumb Friends League, based in Denver, Colorado, is the largest independent, nonprofit community-based animal shelter/humane society in the Rocky Mountain region, caring annually for as many as 20,000 lost and relinquished pets, as well as hundreds of equines. 

Pasado's Safe Haven

Pasado’s Safe Haven

On the forefront of fighting Animal Cruelty, we proudly feature Pasado’s Safe Haven. This organization rescues cats and kittens from a variety of cases and rehabilitates them at our sanctuary, just northeast of Seattle, while we search for their homes.

A cat is a companion like no other – independent, affectionate, serene, and wild all at once! For each cat and kitten adoption, Pasado’s Safe Haven is able to rescue even more animals. If you aren’t able to adopt, consider fostering a cat! You can help by providing a safe space and acting as the animal’s advocate.