See our Cat Towers in Use!

“A HUGE thank you goes to the wonderful people at Feline Snoozers for having such good customer service and even sending the shelter a couple freebies. You guys are the best!”

300 Cats Later

When I said that over 300 cats have used your furniture that was not an exaggeration. It was over the 13 years when I ran my non- profit animal hospice in Utah. The furniture survived everything they threw at it including pee; poop; hairballs; cat fights; kneading; etc., etc. If the dishes were made of stainless steel then the towers would last for several lifetimes. Good for the buyers but not much repeat business for you except from people like me who bought 4 towers and several of the smaller beds.


Another view of the Feline Snoozers Activity Tower at Small Haven Farm

Smallhaven Farm

We got the activity center and it is amazing! The cats love it and it even brought out our 2 most reclusive and timid cats. It is unbelievable how it encourages them out of constant hiding! I can’t thank you enough. We will likely want a custom set next and look forward to working with you soon.


can we say spoiled? we’ll call these their Christmas presents. #cats #Bye2020

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After all these years... still enthusiastic about their Snoozer!

“In 2005, we wrote you an enthusiastic note about your Feline Snoozer, featuring Boris, Natasha, Montecristo & Mercedes.  Also included is a close-up of Peaches on the second level from the same day. Several generations of cats have since lounged & loved the Snoozer. In this 2020 picture are Finnegan, Flanagan & Emma. The guys are all on it variously during the day, shifting from the flat beds to the hammock & to the crow’s nest. The Snoozer hasn’t seemed to have aged at all, apart from finally needing a replacement crow’s nest.  Outdoor maintenance is still a breeze with a monthly hosing and occasional Tilex….”

“ We got the snoozer bed and and the cats love it. Talking with the staff, they believe that the beds work better for us. Here is a pic of the snoozer bed. The cats love it! ”

Friends of Felines Rescue Center

“The volunteers of Friends of Felines Rescue Center LOVE their Feline Snoozers. Over the past 2 years, we’ve converted to no carpet items. What a difference it makes in cleanliness! These are so very easy to clean. The cats love them. Comfy places to sleep and great fun to play on. The oldsters even can climb to the top. We attached rollers to the bottoms to make them extra easy to move. We love them.”
Miami Testimonial Image

Our Feline Snoozers cat tower is a favorite outdoor sunning and jumping place. The cats shift during the day conforming to some internal pattern that we have yet been able to penetrate or discern. The crow’s nest is frequently occupied by our Russian Blue, often joined by one of the Abyssinians.

The tower was a great buy. It was very easy to put together. It is utterly weather-proof and generally indestructible. There is nothing to rot, fade or generally disintegrate. The snoozers are thoroughly enjoyed by all and it has yet to show any sign of wear. It’s simple to clean with a good hosing (even here in mold-prone Miami). It requires no other attention or maintenance.

In my next life I am going to have one of these again.

Washburn County Area Humane Society

“ We received the climber and we love it as do the cats!! I believe it is going to make a great difference with the cat’s health as there is no carpet that can hold so many transmittable things such as URI and parasites. We have wanted to purchase a new climber for so long but always worried about that issue! Thanks for a great product!

Here are a few pictures of our cat on their new climber! Here is a perfect example of why this climber is so great. A new un-neutered male was in the playroom where the climber is and he peed on one of the beds. It was so easy to just throw the cushion in the wash and wipe the climber down. With the carpeted tower we had before it would have been ruined! Thank you! ”

“Just finally put together. OMG…I LOVE IT! I just posted on facebook. Thank you so much, and with my arthritic hands [it] was very, easy to put together. Thank you so much.”

Janelle Truman-Seki | Shiroi City, Chiba, Japan

“ Having bought this tower to put on the new netted deck we built for them was the best decision ever. The cats absolutely live out there! They love the early morning sun and on really hot days their feline snoozer also acts as a shade cloth so they can sleep on the bottom bunk or lie on the wooden decking beneath it. In the afternoon when it cools down, they can often be found curled up together in the top dish and the strength of that crows nest is pretty darn good as they always both sleep on the same side of it and it tilts up yet always bounces back when they get out. ”

Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Bonnie | Roselle, IL

“I had been meaning to send you a photo and finally got around to it. I have 7 cats that love the snoozers. Here is a picture of Boober and Zachary taking a nap together. The snoozers have been a great replacement of my old carpeted climbers. The snoozers are so easy to clean and maintain and my cats love to sleep in them. ”

Karen and Tom McIlrath | Birman Cat Breeders

“Our cats love their new snoozer furniture and so do we! You will find our kitties on the towers all day long. Sometimes they are playing, sometimes they are just relaxing and sometimes sleeping. They like to practice their climbing too. Each of our males also received a small tower and they love them also. We love the towers for easy cleanup. We have found nothing better for whole males! The towers move easily around the house and with normal use should last far longer than any carpeted cat furniture. A real bargain and very little maintenance. ”

Small Miracles Cat Rescue

This mini stacker was in addition to some towers that a shelter ordered. They wanted something lower to the ground for the few senior cats they have.