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At Feline Snoozers, we make Cat Furniture: Towers, Dishes, Cubbys, Wall Units and Beds. We are your source for durable, easy to assemble and easy to clean PVC activity structures built for curious cats, keeping them healthy and happy. Feline Snoozers products are a great way for cats to climb, play and snooze in comfort. They won't be bored with our towers in the house! Many of the towers include hammocks, dishes, and/or beds. And our products are proudly made in the USA.

Several cats in a shelter enjoying a Feline Snoozers Activity Tower

Feline Snoozers


Feline Snoozers PVC structures are easy to clean, lightweight, long-lasting cat furniture that felines really love. There are many options available in our product line to choose from. We have products ranging from simple bed structures to complex multi-level towers! Check out our products page to find just the right Feline Snoozer for your feline friends.

Not seeing exactly what you need? We do custom cat tower work!

Because many customers have requested it, Feline Snoozers does custom tower work, and a lot of it! We are able to custom design towers,  trees, and furniture to fit any space and needs requirements. Typically, the items in our product line work for clients but we specialize in customizing for our customers’ particular needs and space! Custom designed structures bring the perfect fit to a cat room. It brings a sense of great satisfaction to see our towers being used and enjoyed by so many cats. 

The perfect play structures for cat shelters and sanctuaries!

Numerous cat sanctuaries, animal shelters, and humane societies use Feline Snoozers PVC structures. 98% of Feline Snoozers customers are non-profit organizations. We are proud to work with all these wonderful organizations. If you are looking to donate to your favorite shelter, gift certificates are available and we will be sure to include a donor card with your name or organization.

Making Cats Happy Since 2001.

See our Cat Towers in Use!

“I just wanted to share that the cats at the New Nodaway Humane Society
are enjoying the new towers. We are working to raise the roof on their
kennels so we can add the next layer.”

Thank you,
Sara Taylor

Reviews from a few more of our

Happy Customers!

We Build, Long Lasting and Durable Structures

Whether you are an animal shelter, humane society, animal sanctuary or a home owner we know cleanliness and durability are the top priorities. With Feline Snoozers original PVC cat towers, we nailed it! Under normal use your Feline Snoozers cat tower will practically last a lifetime. AND… Feline Snoozers towers can be used outside. The fabric we use on the cat beds is the very same fabric outdoor furniture is made with. These cat towers can withstand the outdoor elements and are easy to clean!

You'll love that our products are


Feline Snoozers is proud to make products that are easy to clean! No need to remove the fabric from the beds, hammocks or ramps just spray down with any disinfectant and wipe dry. Your cubby covers are the only thing you need to throw in the washer and because we use semi-water resistant fabric on our covers drying takes only a few minutes.


Made for you, every piece of product that goes into making your Feline Snoozers Tower is made, proudly, in the USA.


Made with 1-1/4” PVC plastic makes your Feline Snoozers Towers lightweight and easy to move around. The fabric we use on our beds, ramps and hammocks is the same fabric that is used in outdoor patio furniture so very durable in the hot south as well as in the cold north.


These feline units are so simple to assemble. All that is needed is a hammer. No messy glue or screws to fumble and fuss with.

Cats enjoying Feline Snoozers

Easy-to-Clean, Carpet-Free Cat Towers!

Organizations that take care of a lot of animals need fixtures and furniture that are easy to clean. Many shelters and humane societies have restrictions against carpeted towers because of the spread of diseases, so PVC is the perfect solution. WIth the towers and products from Feline Snoozers, just spray down the whole tower, beds included, with a disinfectant, wipe or air dry and your cat tower is ready once again for your feline friends.